Our Approach

The Needs-Connection Model

Basic Needs
Everyone needs healthy food, sleep, and a stable environment. For many teens, this is not a reality. Because these teens do not have their basic needs met it is hard to move forward in any other part of their lives.
Who will care for me?  Kids and teens need consistency in their lives. They need people they can count on to be there even when life gets hard.
Who will comfort me?  Many teens we work with need a safe place to talk through issues and questions in life. They need to know that someone will listen to them and comfort them when they need it.
Who will spend time with me?  Every teen needs someone investing in them consistently. They need a secure relationship where they feel loved and cared for and are taught life skills in a side-by-side manner.  
Who believes in me?  Can I take risks?  Teens need a place where people see their potential and allow them to take risks and make mistakes. When they feel supported, they begin to step out, try new things, and grow.
Teaching life skills, holding teens accountable for their actions, and being able to guide teens as they walk through life is the ultimate goal.  Real growth happens here, but first we must take the time to build that kind of relationship