Renovations For The Barn


We need to insulate our pole barn, all 4 ourside walls and the ceiling.  We are looking into the options of closed cell spray insulation or traditional fiberglass insulation.  It all depends on what we can get done at what costs.  If you have skills at either one of these we could use your help!!  


The barn has an electircal panel ready for more fuses!  We need more lights, more electrical outlets as well as switches.  We will also need electrical run for our HVAC units.  


There is a sewer line in the barn but we need someone to help connect it to the bathroooms and kitchen area that we wish to install.  We also need some water lines to these areas as well.  


We will need furnaces and airconditioning units for the 100'x70' space in the barn.  This will be broken up into two sections.  There will be a large group and event section which will span around 100'x45' and a second section of of classrooms and meeting rooms which is the left over 100'x25'. 

Classroom Creation

We want to make frame out 2 bathrooms, 3 classrooms and a projects room.  These rooms will also need to be quite rooms so they will need to have some sort of sound insuation in them.  We would like these rooms to be drywalled and finished in a home feeling manner including flooring and paint.  

Big Room Finishing

Our big room needs some finishing.  We would like to put something on the walls that can take a beating.  We would also like to keep the concrete floors and just finish them off for indoor use.  Our goal would be so activities like basketball and other high energy activities could be played in this area.  



Big events require chairs.  We are looking for foldable or stackable chairs for those types of events.  We also need some more comfortable chairs for counseling and educational sessions.  


Tables for doing school work.  


As we work towards launching our educational side of the ministry we will be helping kids to online school.  Most schools will give their kids one or the other but kids break them or forget them and we would like some backups to have on hand. 

Other Items

Transportation Vehicle

One reality of the teens we work with is some will been transportation.  We are looking for a 15 passenger van or shuttle van.  This type of van does not need any special liscense which gives us felxability for drivers.  


At some point we will want to take field trips with these kids.  A larger form of transportation would be nice to be able to transport everyone together.