This is the dreaming phase.  Man makes plans but God guides our steps.  So let us share our dreams and desires with you and be praying that God will direct our steps.

As part of the farm, we would like to set up a store and allow the teens who are a part of our ministry to see the fruits of their labor by making some money. We also want to teach them how to responsibly handle money.

We would like to develop a deeper discipleship program where we would have paid staff to partner with kids on a small group basis and be able to disciple them on a life-on-life basis.  

With Laura pursuing a master's degree in Clinical Mental Health we are also hoping to be able to minister to the kids through counseling.  Many of the teens we have encountered throughout the years have gone through some major traumatic events and have never had anyone to work through these things with or develop coping skills. While some of these just need a listening ear, encouraging words, and to be pointed in the right direction, others have issues that reach much deeper.